Hard Cases

Medium and Heavy Duty Shipping Cases and Totes

Gillis & Lane is an authorized distributor for the entire line of Parker Plastics Medium & Heavy Duty Hard Shipping Cases and Totes. These quality cases are made in the USA and incorporate the finest materials providing a superior product that can withstand the test of time. Most cases are in stock and can be ship out same day.Cases may be purchased empty, foam lined, foam filled or customized to meet your requirements. Experienced designers using computer aided design software along with computer aided manufacturing equipment produce quality foam inserts at reduced lead-times.

Parker Plastics Roto Rugged Tote Wheeled

RR – Roto Rugged Tote Wheeled Cases (37 Sizes)
RRC – Roto Rugged Cases (5 Sizes)

Parker Plastics Heavy Duty Shipping Containers

SC – Shipping Containers (75 Sizes)
SW – Shipping Containers w/ Wheels (39 Sizes)
SCT – Shipping Containers w/ Take-Off Lids (13 Sizes)
SWT – Shipping Containers w/ Take-Off Lids and Wheels (12 Sizes)
TSW – Shipping Container w/ Telescoping Handles and Wheels (33 Sizes)
TSWT – Shipping Container w/ Telescoping Handles, Take-Off Lids and Wheels (9 Sizes)

Parker Plastics Deluxe ‘Tote’ Wheeled Cases

DX – Deluxe Shipping Totes (42 Sizes)
XHDT – Extra Heavy Duty Tote Wheeled Case (38 Sizes)

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